Intuitive Guidance | Divine Feminine Essence Activation

There are no coincidences. You ended up on this page because you need to hear this:

You’re being called to rise up to your full power as a WOMANStrong in your vulnerability, firmly rooted in self-love, harnessing your creative flow. This is the new paradigm, where you reclaim your rightful role as divine creatrix.

Are you ready to say YES to yourself?

Do you feel a deep, almost urgent calling to tap into your gifts and strengths? Even those that scare you? Have you had enough of hiding your light and standing in the background?

Have you been trying to figure out how to balance your daily tasks with your deep desire to be of higher service in this world? Do you often think about a harmonious relationship with a partner who will support you on this path?

That’s where I come in. I’m here to help you.

This is how the intuitive guidance sessions I offer look like: Before and during the session I connect to your guides, your Higher Self and Source (ultimately we are all one). I let them guide me in our conversation and answer your questions, channeling messages for you. The whole session is meant to empower you to take decisions from a place of connection to your deepest truth.

During your session I also hold a high energy vibration space, so that you can experience the energy you need to experience at the time. This supports you in integrating the messages received during the session faster.

You will leave the session with an insight into a Higher Wisdom that transcends rational thought and is always available to guide you towards your highest good. You’ll also learn how to tap into it.

Women who worked with me say:

Maja’s reading was spot on. It was like she already knew what I was thinking. She also gave me the reason why it has taken so long for this to come to fruition which was really important for me to understand. She has a real talent. I know this because she did a reading with no information from me whatsoever, but was able to tune into my main problem without being told what it was. Highly recommend her guidance for anyone who has a niggling issue they want to resolve.

Kelly Evans
Birthworker @

I serendipitously came across Maja’s work at a point in my life when I was really needing guidance & assurance of where I was at, and more importantly where I was heading. Maja’s guidance was soulful, gentle, kind & inspiring – it resonated deeply with me & my journey & I trusted her insights completely. I am so grateful for this reading & have sparked positive changes already from this encounter – thank you!!

Emily Meagher

My reading by Maja was so helpful. The areas where I am being held back were illuminated. Her words have encouraged me to continue on my path and instilled a new-found confidence. I have always known that what I have to offer is unique and powerful but at times I lose sight of that and my authenticity can be challenged. Maja has given me tips as to where to focus my energies and it really resonates. If you have a burning question I would definitely recommend you get in touch with Maja. Just like me, you will be so pleased you did. With gratitude.

Leanne Northwood
White Sage Holistics

My reading from Maja was a gentle kick in the pants. Within the first paragraph she nailed the sensation I have been having for months, and then gave the one word solution that I keep hearing from others. (None of this, of course, is information she would know.) The information was practical, firm and kind-like you would receive from your favourite aunt. I’ve gone back to the reading several times and each time highlights something new to me. So glad to have found Maja and was brave enough to ask the question!

Mndi Getz
Reiki Healer

THANK YOU so much for your beautiful and insightful reading! You are very generous and so intuitive. You were completely spot on with all that you said and it all resonated so deeply for me. You were able to help me to connect with my authentic and true self and I now have so much more insight into my issue. Your words were caring, nurturing and so wise. You have true talent and will help many people with your gift.

Tamala Ridge
Health and Parenting Coach

Oh God… your reading resonates with me deeply, your words bring true wisdom and clearly in-tune with my Higher Self voice, right from the very first sentence. I’ve highlighted many of the words; and how amazing you intuitively know what I have been doing lately. YES, YES, YES & thumbs up for your reading. Thank you, thank you, thank you Maja.

Hailey Nguyen

I work in person and through Skype taking only a limited number of clients.

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Irresistible tribe ➳ Divine Women's Circle

This (free) Facebook group is for you if:

  • You’re ready to answer the call to rise to your full power as a woman, embracing yourself with love and joy
  • You miss having awakened women in your life
  • You want daily intuitive guidance, soulful encouragement and a safe space to explore the Divine Feminine.

The group was created with the purpose of holding space for a global awakening of women. Awakened women will be the ones on the forefront of the paradigm change that’s already happening. We will be the ones holding space for men, enabling them to embrace their Divine Masculine essence.

Why Irresistible?

Because you are magnetic when you’re rooted in your Divine Feminine power – when you’re being you.

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